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Pre.Shrunk an Australia band established in 1996...

Pre.Shrunk is a Melbourne-based rock band. Pre.Shrunk is made up of two bass players Dave Morris and Davage Thomas and drummer Justin Dwyer. Original fusion of funked-out rock, brain-crushing bottom end and brutal humour.

They have released a number of albums and EP's, culminating in the highly acclaimed 2003 release Bestseller. The album Bestseller was recorded in August 2002 at Scream Louder Studios. In an engineering / co-production capacity, Pre.shrunK recorded with Reggie Bowman, having recorded at Scream Louder since their 1997 EP, Exhibit [A].

Pre.Shrunk has released an extraordinary number of albums since its invention including: their self-funded EP Exhibit (a) in March 1997 featuring the track Creation. The EP Sudden Blinding Certainty which featured the modern motorist anthem Roadrager in November 1997 through Redcap Records.

The band toured over the next two years with more than 300 shows and all the major festivals. Pre.Shrunk was voted Band of the Year 1998 at the Combined Campus Awards in Victoria and Best Unsigned Act 1998 at the M.I.C.A Awards in Adelaide.

In late 1998 Pre.Shrunk signed to the Black Yak/Phantom label & released the Triple A Side single in January 1999, which features the tracks Sound Pimp, Flutterbye and Ultrawhite.

They performed in major productions including the string section for The Whitlams at the MCG and playing themselves on the hit Australian television series Good Guys, Bad Guys.

Pre.Shrunk released an instrumental sojourn titled Sub Chakra in August 1999, featuring the tracks Hot Robots, Pollen and Wooku.

They joined a national tour as opening act on silverchair’s Neon Ballroom tour in August 1999 and they headlined Triple J’s National Turn up Your Radio Tour August/September 1999.  Pre.Shrunk toured nationally with The Cruel Sea from October to November 1999.

In 2000 Pre.Shrunk went into the studio to start work on their debut album digital sunrise. In May 2000 Pre.Shrunk toured Japan, playing a combination of festivals and shows.

August 2000 - Pre.Shrunk embarked on a regional tour of Victoria to refine the live versions from Digital Sunrise. In September 2000 - Pre.Shrunk released their debut album Digital Sunrise.

Pre.Shrunk has notched up more than 1000 live shows since forming in Melbourne in 1996.

“Our music isn’t about instrumentation, it’s about sounds,” says Justin Dwyer (Pre.Shrunk drummer)
"Everything's becoming easier and more comfortable," Dave Morris says. "If there's a saddle, it's starting to shape to us - to our individual butts."

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The album Sub Chakra was released in August 1999, featuring the track Hot Robots.